Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Course Builder: Google's Experiment with Online Learning

Notes from session at SXSWedu session - Google Lounge

Google's experiments with MOOC started with a "Power Searching with Google" online course.

Three courses have been launched on how to search google.

The technology behind the courses include:
  1. You Tube
  2. Google Groups
  3. Google Hangout
  4. Google Moderator
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Docs
  7. Google Apps Engine
Power Searching with Google course:
  • Traditional online course that consisted of 3-5 minute videos
Advanced Power Searching with Google course:
  • A challenged based, self-grading course
  • Presented challenge first
  • Then students chose and accessed videos and text to try to solve the challenge
  • Students created their own assignment
  • They created a checklist - rubric - it was a self reflection assignment
What has been learned:
  1. Diverse students require differentiation
  2. Students want to interact with peers and teachers
  3. Hugh amounts of data enable experimentation - there is a large amount of data that can be obtained from the courses
Course Builder:
  • It is an open source platform
  • It runs on google apps engine
  • Software and instructions for creating and building courses
More information can be found here: https://code.google.com/p/course-builder

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