Monday, March 14, 2011

ADDIE Model of Instructional Design

Below is a diagram of the 5 stages of the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design and what each stage means to me.

As part of the “Analyze” phase, I completed a needs assessment and a pre-course survey for the online course I am creating.

I believe the “Analyze” phase of Instructional Design is so important because it lays the groundwork so that I am able to create a quality online course. Being able to analyze the goals I want to achieve, the material I want to teach, and the learner’s abilities will help me plan and sort out the components of my course. Being able to collect this critical information will only help me in this process.

What else could I have done during the “Analyze” phase of instruction in order to better help me think through the course I’m going to create?

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