Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deploying Google Apps in your District

Notes from SXSWedu session - Google Lounge

Presenter: Edward Doan
Email: edoan@google.com

Deployment Strategy Workshop
  • Gather stakeholders together to plan
Project Deployment
  • Change Management - this is your professional development and will make or break your deployment
Key Decisions to Consider:
  1. What is the core focus? What types of apps will be used? Web apps, like google docs? Or Legacy apps, like office?
  2. Decide what the role out model will look like?
  3. Decide what rollout model best fits with your organization
  • Factors to to consider incldue time and investment

Rollout Approach - 3 Phrases
  1. Core IT Adoption - become familiar with tools
  2. Early Adopters - gather feedback: enable google guides, who are your trainer of trainers
  3. Go Live - begin adoption
Other Items to Consider:
  • Realistic timeline
  • Careful coordination
  • Reduce support
  • Coordinate phases based in segments
  • Strong project support is needed
User Management:

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