Monday, March 4, 2013

Flip, Blend, Connect: Examining Our Practices

Notes from session at SXSWedu

Presenters: Carolyn Foote and Stephanie Sandifer

Session Links:

·         Wiki -

·         Hash tag #sxswedufbc

·         Shared Google Doc -

What are some common understandings of these terms:

1.   Flip

2.   Blend

3.   Connect

What is the perception of a flipped classroom?

·         A fear people have is that the teacher will be flipped out of the classroom

·         It takes away from the exploration of the child

·         It takes a lot of work

·         Students come to class and know the answer

For leaders, having the resources is problematic.

·         There is a lack of access

What are your perceptions of blended and connected?

·         Some online content along with classroom interaction

SAMR Model - the diagram is on the wiki


If (flip, blended, or connected) learning was implemented in a way that was transformative, what would that look like?
Give concrete ideas

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