Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The iPad as an Instructional Tool

Notes from session at iPadpalooza 2013

Janet Corder and Joan Gore - Click on iPad World

Session Description: There are hundreds of educational apps that allow students to play "games" on the iPad, but what else can you do in the classroom with this amazing device? Learn how to use the iPad as a document camera and a tool for assessment, student engagement and teacher productivity.

Reflector App - Mirrors your iPad onto your Computer
$12.99 for Mac or Windows

Five Critical Mistakes Schools make with iPads
1. Focusing on Content Apps
2. Lack of Teacher Preparation in Classroom Management of iPads
3. Treating the iPad as a computer and expecting it to work like a laptop
4. Treating iPads as multi-user devices
5. Failing to communicate a compelling answer to "Why iPads?"

You can create quizzes for students to take

You can upload your ppt and make interactive quiz questions, drawings
The paid version allows you share your ppt
The last slide has to be a ppt slide
Save your ppt first as a pdf in order to upload it
Go to and log in
Create a new presentation and upload the pdf
If you publish it and then find out you need to edit it, then you have to make a copy of it
Lets you know when people leave your room

Bingo Baker
Go to and create your bingo card
This is free - it is not an app

Pete's Powerpoint Station
This is a collection of free ppt presentations by subject area

Infuse Learning
Works on any device
Isn't IE or Chrome friendly
Enter the room ID and your name
Draw your favorite vacation spot
You can save each page as a pdf and make a book out of it
You can make quizzes as well with order questions

The iPad as a Document Camera
You will need some sort of stand
The Juststand is an example or you can even make your own
The Juststand cost less than $100.

Favorite Apps
  • Trading Cards
  • Skitch
  • Word Art Skeletons

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