Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharing Don't Come Easy: Especially with iPads

Notes from Session at iPadpalooza

Presenter: Mary Ray, District Instructional Technology Specialist, East Central ISD

Session Website:

Session  Description: Deploying iPads in a shared environment can be a tricky feat! East Central ISD Director of Technology Operations, Miguel Guhlin and District Instructional Technology Specialist, Mary Ray share lessons learned, obstacles and successes with regards to East Central ISD's current iPad pilot, EC3.

East Central’s Story:

  •  East Central ISD launched the EC3 iPad Program in the Fall of 2012.
  • The program was the Superintendent’s idea. 
  • Cohort 1 
    • participants were 14 teachers from 7 different campuses 
    • 450 iPads were distributed
  • Cohort 2 
    • will launch in the Fall of 2013 
    • will expand the number of participants to 38 teachers from 9 different campuses 
    •  694 iPads are projected to be distributed
  • Principals choose teachers who will participate in cohorts

Goal of Program:

  • Provide students with engaged learning opportunities that not only transform delivery, assessment and differentiate the delivery of instruction, but change how students and staff create, collaborate, communicate, as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a globally connected environment.

Cohort 1 Classroom Inventory:
  • Each classroom received the following inventory
o   1 teacher iPad
o   1 VersaVu iPad case
o   1 MacBook Pro
o   1 Spectrum Charging/Syncing Cart
o   25-35 student iPads (# depended on grade level)
o   25-35 Kensington Blackbelt iPad cases (# depended on grade level)
o   1 external hard drive (for computer back up)
o   1 VGA Adapter for teacher iPad

Cohort 1 App Inventory:
  • Paid Apps
o   Keynote
o   Office2HD
  • Free Apps
o   Edmodo
o   Google Drive
o   Documents by Readdle

Cohort 1 Professional Development:
  • Spring & Fall 2012 - Biweekly 'Appy Hour sessions
o   iPad 101
o   Email on the iPad
o   App Evaluation
o   Webclips
o   Edmodo
o   Google Drive
  • June 2012 - EC3 Teacher Academy (4 days)
o   Commitment Letter/Teacher Expectations
o   SAMR Model
o   Content Creation vs Content Consumption
o   Product-based learning
  • August 2012 - PreLaunch Day
o   Equipment Checkout
o   Cart Management - Charging/Syncing
o   Apple Configurator
  • October 2012 - March 2013
o   Three (3) Consultant Days
  • June 2013
o   One (1) day registration to ISTE

Classroom Learning Activity Rubric:
  • See website for rubric

Classroom Management Tips:

  •  Log in, Log out.Train your students to log out of apps before closing them. Allow time at the beginning and end of each class period for logging in and out of accounts.
  • Do not allow individual students to set up their email accounts in the Mail app.
  • "Personalize" as much as you can.Number your iPads and assign students to the same iPad each day. 
  • Provide options for saving content created in apps. 

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