Thursday, June 26, 2014

Win Free Copies of the new book – Moodle Course Design Best Practices

You will be pleased to know that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of the new book that I recently reviewed - Moodle Course Design Best PracticesBeing a technical reviewer on the book was a fabulous experience!
Three lucky winners stand a chance to win a digital copy of this book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.
Overview of Book:
·        Set up a template for a series of courses
·        Design the appearance of your course
·        Manage the resources and activities of your course
·        Organize your course content effectively
·        Set up instructional materials for your course
·        Select and set up assessments
·        Include effective instructional strategies in your course
·        Archive your course content for re-use
How do I Enter?
All you need to do is head on over to the book page and look through the product description of the book and drop a line via the comments below this post to let me know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple. I will enter your name on Random Name Picker and winners will get an e-copy of the book!
What is the Deadline?
The contest will close at midnight on Thursday, July 3, 2014.
Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!


Miguel Guhlin (@mGuhlin) said...

Fantastic, thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to write about this later tonight at Around the Corner,

What interests me most about the book is the easy to follow guide to help me create or update my existing Moodle course. Often, whether we use Moodle or not as our LMS, we forget what best practices are for designing an online course. This book can clarify those expectations.

In particular, Chapter 5-Designing Self-paced Independent Study Courses,can be of real help to those of us who facilitate professional learning opportunities that are compliance-based (e.g. Sexual Harassment, Slips-Trips-n-Falls, Bloodborne Pathogens) in school districts.

I hope I get selected as a recipient of the book!

With appreciation for your consideration,

Miguel Guhlin

Heather said...

Wow this book really will address the need for my students to have an easy to follow printable guide to not just the how of Moodle but the how and why all in one!

I hope I get selected for this book! It may just be added to the text list for one of my classes.

Heather Askea
Instructional Technology Coordinator and Instructor
The University of Virginia's College at Wise
Center for Teaching Excellence.

jkitterman said...

I am keenly interested in the art and science of online learning facilitation. This book would be a great help. I hope that I am picked.

Kelly said...

Using Moodle as more than just a push tool - making the most of it for my students.


Unknown said...

I create courses for various situations and this would be a great reference tool on the best features to use (good for training too)



Brigitte Besnard said...

This book would be a great reference for me!



Hittesh said...

As a developer, I believe this book could help me break the mold of just being a coder and instead get involved in more course design & development.

Miguel Miní Olivera said...

I am a Packt Publishing Fan, and will be interesting to read about the most effective strategies for eLearning courses.

Gisele Brugger said...


This book would be a great reference for me and my customers!
I have trained many teachers to use Moodle.

Joe Kirby said...

I need this book, because I need all the help I can get.

julie mcloughlin said...

I am a moodle addict, I love to stretch it to do things I need, and I wuld love anything that can help me explore new ways of stretching it!!

Susanna Southard said...

I'm interested in best practices for many of these aspects of Moodle use. At the moment, however, the assessment and grading pieces are the most relevant to me.

Sam said...

As a long-time Moodler, I'm always looking to break through to the next level as a user and an admin. I'm looking forward to seeing chapters 6 and 7 to hopefully better manage my classes and move them further down the road in my attempts at project-based learning.