Sunday, March 6, 2016

10 Tips for Getting Started with BYOD in the Classroom

Has your school implemented BYOD, but you are thinking OMG? Don't panic. We all feel nervous when it comes to starting something new. You’re not quite sure what to expect. Will you embarrass yourself in front of your students? Will you not be able to do it? What will others think of you? It's the anxiety of facing something unknown.

Well, it is possible to get the most from your BYOD environment without going crazy. Try these few tips to help you get started with BYOD in your classroom.

Tips for Getting Started with BYOD

1. You are the teacher in the classroom: keep control of student use and when you or anyone is addressing the class, make sure devices are not in use (on the table with screen down, knees toward me, close the lid) and remember to allow use only when the lesson requires it.

2. Ask three before you ask me: have students support each other as you will not be able to support all devices in the room. 

3. Keep your management plan in place: there should be consistent consequences in your room for any off task behavior.

4. Bring it out only when it is needed: every lesson might not require the use of a device.

5. You do not need to know how to use each and every device, but you should know what it can do: students should be able to use their own device no matter what the lesson is. 

6. Start small: when using technology in the classroom, it is always wise to start with something small.  Millions of apps and websites exist and it can be overwhelming. Choose one or two to start with.

7. Walk around: just like you always do as this helps with on-task behavior and support.

8. Always have a “Plan B”: sometimes tech has issues, make sure you have other ways to support the lesson or a back-up lesson. 

9. Communicate appropriate use: if you are going to let students use devices when they are done with work, make sure you are clear on what they can do with devices, such as: read, work on other classwork, etc.

10. Don’t give up: if your first BYOD lesson doesn’t go as planned, try and try again. Patience produces a great runner, so be happy with small gains. Remember, you’re just beginning but before you know it, you’ll be leading the race.

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