Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Back Up Your Google Drive With CloudHQ

Are you in a pinch, overwhelmed at making backups of hundreds of Google Documents in your Google Suites for Education or Non-Profit account? As wonderful as Google Suites for Education or Non-Profit are, making backups of your Google Docs can be a pain. What's more, if you are using a work-related account (e.g. school or non-profit organization), you may find it convenient to have a backup of all your work docs.

Making your own backups can be a pain. You have to take time out of  a busy schedule to create the backups. Sometimes, the backups don't work as well as you'd hope since Google gives you backups of files and folders as gigantic multi-gig files.Why not take the easy way out?

CloudHQ.net can provide the support you need and ease your troubles! Using CloudHQ.net, I've been able to have pain-free, guaranteed successful backups of all my data in my work account to a personal Gmail account. I could have used CloudHQ to backup to any other cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox), but backing up this way makes life so much easier.

Here's how it worked for me:

1) Setup a free trial CloudHQ account using your work account (e.g. Google Suites)

2) Connect both your Google Suites for Education Drive and your personal Google Drive account using the handy wizards. CloudHQ supports a lot more so you aren't stuck just backing up one set of data. It can backup several at a time!

3) Setup One-Way sync to copy docs from Google Suites for Education Drive to your Personal Google Drive account. The source is the content (e.g. work) you want to backup or copy, and the target is your personal Google where you are backing up to.

4) Once the Sync pair is setup, you are ready to set it and forget it! It will work in the background to make an initial copy of your files. Once that first-time backup is done, then it will make incremental backups as needed to only those documents you add or change. Cool, right?

Thank you, CloudHQ, for making backing up Google Suites documents easy and painless. Are you ready to get started?

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