Sunday, June 16, 2013

Get Your Google On: Google Tools

Notes from session at Tots & Technology Conference
Presenter: Monica Martinez, Director of Professional Development, TCEA

URL for session:
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Session Description
There's more to Google than just Google search and Google Apps EDU. In fact, there is a Google tool for every letter in the alphabet. During this session we will explore the latest unknown Google gems and my list of favorites. Come to this session and walk away with a great new set of tools to use.

By attending this session, you will be able answer these questions:
1. How can my elementary classroom benefit from Google tools?
2. How can I use Google tools to engage my learners in collaboration and creativity?
3. What Google tools can I use to help improve communication with students and parents, help me facilitate processes when presenting content to students, and help provide differentiated media to enrich my lessons?

Lead In: Everybody Chromocize Video - A must watch

Google Custom Search Engine
You can custom build a search engine using Google Custom Search Engine. Help students build their information literacy skills by having them use this custom search engine or by having your students create their own

Google Story Builder
This tools allows users to create their own Google docs story. Add your characters, type your story and select your music to create your stories.
Google Mars

Google Sky

Google Moon

Dead Sea Scrolls

Google Keep - Take Notes

Google Inside Search

Google Santa Call
Get a personal call from Santa

World Wonders Project
Google explores different areas around the globe including under water. Includes maps, 3D, photographs, videos and more.

Teach Parents Technology - Send you parents a tech support care package
This site was built by a few folks at Google to help support parents (as well as students, teachers and basic users) with basic computer use. It is technical support via video tutorials.
Google Body - Zygot
A tool that allows you to search the human body

What Do You Love? - From Google  

Photo editor

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right in your inbox.
YouPD has some great video tutorials on Google Apps ED
In Google Docs, Highlight word or link, Go to Tools, Research
It will add citation for you

Be sure to see Monica's web site,, for more Google Tools.

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