Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leading in the 21st Century

Notes from session at Tots & Technology Conference
Presenter: Monica Martinez, Director of Professional Development, TCEA

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Session Description
Managing and sustaining successful technology integration programs involves modeling uses of technologies for your staff. During this fast-paced session, we will share a wide array of online tools and apps that can support you in your role as a leader. Learn new strategies for improving your interpersonal communication skills, leadership strategies, and tips for helping your staff integrate technology.
By attending this session, you will be able answer these questions:
1. How can I effectively model technology use as a leader?
2. What are some of the tools that I can use that will support my role as a leader?
3. How can I help my staff integrate technology more effectively?


What is modeling?
  • The process of creating abstract or conceptual model and the use of objects in the creation of a predictive statement
Cone of Learning

Modeling Strategies
  • Think about how you can model - stop printing handouts, use dropbox instead of email
  • What are some ways you can model?
  • Modeling is not teaching how to do something
Modeling Opportunities
  • staff, committee, or department meeting
  • professional development
  • how you share your resources (printed handouts v. site)
  • how you communicate with your audience (email v. blog)
  • how you share your contact information (business card v. QR code)
  • how people schedule meetings with you (call/email v. online booking tool)
  • how do you present: always PowerPoint?

Tools for Modeling
Be sure to check Monica's website,,  for more tools for modeling.

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